Understanding the importance of tyre maintenance

Never underestimate the importance of good tyres!

First and foremost safety. Good tyres are your guaruntee to a safe and comfortable journey. When your tyres are reaching the end of their road, it is important to understand that this could cause your car to skid and loose control or even suffer a blow out as your tyres become weak and less reliable. 

Pro-Grip is here to tell you that you can have the power of measuring your own PSI (tyre pressure) and the tread depth on each tyre to ensure your own safety and give you a peace of mind whilst travelling. To do so, pop down to your local halfords and purchase a keyring device which will allow you to measure depth and tread accurately. Refer to our legal requirement page for correct measurements. 

Recommended Device

Other factors that may be affected:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Comfortablility 
  • Vehicle handling
  • CO2 Emissions 
  • Breaking distance (see below)

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