Car Tyre Puncture Repair
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Car Tyre Puncture Repair

Car Tyre Puncture Repair

Types of repairs a professional car tyre puncture repair company provides.

Before getting your cars’ punctured-tyre repaired, you need to see what type of repairs your selected service provider is offering, so you can select the best car tyre puncture repair service in town.

Patch-repair puncture

It is often performed by a professional who has an emergency car tyre puncture repair kit at hand so you don’t have to pay extra for a new tyre. A rubber piece is used to cover the puncture to fix it. However, this can only be used when the puncture is not too big and there’s no need for replacement.

Plug repair

A rubber piece is inserted like a plug where the puncture is, to seal it and you can get safe from a troublesome situation, especially if you are getting late from work, you can get this repair on the go.

Combination repair

This is the best kind for long-term repairing and is a combo of both patch and plug repair.

How Much Does a Car Tyre Puncture Repair Cost?

A dependable Mobile/Car Tyre Puncture Repair Company will always offer exclusive prices. However, the usual rates may vary from £25 - £45.

Driving with a punctured tyre can cause a lot of trouble on the road. It can even lead to situations where you might have to face a life-death situation. Not only that, driving without car tyre puncture repair, you can cause troubles on road for others. Therefore, it is essential to check everything before leaving the house and if you find any problem with the vehicle, contact the local tyre puncture repair near me to avoid any future inconvenience. Make sure you do not leave it on the next day, as it can skip your mind and maybe dangerous for you as well as your loved ones.

Car Tyre Puncture Repair

At Pro Grip Tyres

We offer the finest puncture repair services to make the journey safe for you and your family when you leave the house and hit the road. Following are some of the puncture-related services we can help you with:

How to identify punctured tyres?

The easiest and common by observing the tyre losing the air pressure constantly over time. The other way is to see the difference in the shape as well as deflation. This is common to be seen in a slow puncture. However, there is no such danger in driving with this condition because the vehicle would still be able to be driven but make sure to get it repaired at once to evade mishaps.

Another type of puncture is rapid. This causes a great effect on the driving experience. As the name advocates, the air pressure is released rapidly resulting in a flat tyre. The air pressure would not be able to stay inside the tyre, which can be the reason for accidents, as the vehicle cannot be handled well.

How can we help you?

At Pro Grip Tyres, we offer different solutions for car tyre puncture repair according to the situation. The most commonly used and preferred ways are:

  • External repair using repair patch
  • Internal repair using repair patch
  • Internal repair using repair patch as well as plug

However, there is no way to repair the run-flat tyres as it does not leave room for repairing and cannot be used again because of the reinforced sidewall structure.

We work according to the Standards!

Car Tyre Puncture Repair

We are grateful to inform you that we strictly follow British standards that state, only 75 percent of the tyre should be repaired. There are also rules according to this standard that the outer surface should not be repaired as it can lead to problems such as the weakening of the sidewall. So we recommend our customers not to do so.

Do you need our help? Just call us

We comprehend that such a situation can occur anytime with anyone while people are traveling via their cars. It is very common for the tyres to be punctured because of any sharp material that can be there on the road. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid the sharp object, however, other times it can be unnoticeable. There is no need to worry if you find yourself caught in similar circumstances. You can reach us anytime or book your appointment so our experts can help with the car tyre puncture repair in South Norwood, Norwood, Lambeth, Lewisham, Kent, Surrey, Dartford, Bromley, Epsom, Wallington at the spot or your convenience.

Our team at Pro Grip Tyres consists of the most skillful individuals who are experts in their works and readily available to help you in the best way possible. Besides, we also offer safety check facilities to assist you with the purchase of a new set of tyres for your vehicle. We can assist you with the legality of the tyres you are purchasing or currently using and if there are any problems with any one of them. This way, we ensure the safety of you and your loved ones so there are no mishaps during your journey.

After a thorough inspection of the new set of tyres, or car tyre puncture repair for existing one, such as wear and tears, leakage, etc. our specialists let you know the results. Our specialists are familiar with all types of tyres and with their professional expertise, we provide economical and quick repairing services.

Car Tyre Puncture Repair

For your convenience, we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week because we understand that puncture repair service can be needed any time during the 24 hours or 7 days. If you have queries related to our services or general query about tyres, you can always contact us for online assistance or make an appointment for a detailed meeting and consultation.

Customer satisfaction always comes first and that is why we thrive to deliver the best possible services to ensure your safety by working honestly. Our reputation in the marketplace is a proof of our hard work and reliability by our clients.

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